Wednesday, May 11, 2011

To wipe away your tears of joy...

The low-battery light flickered on my rented cell-phone. Strange, I thought I had charged it the night before. The guests were arriving and I was trying to tweet but the phone kept getting slower and slower. Despite being plugged into the wall the phone powered off completely. Frustrated I gave up on tweeting. I was disappointed in not being able to share in the event with other royal bloggers. But I had no choice, the phone was dead. It would be several hours before I would get a replacement.

I did not have a plan for the day. Sure I'd thought of going to Hyde Park, or potentially taking a spot at the Mall. While there were screens set up in Hyde Park, in the Mall I would have had to wait to find out what Kate's dress looked like. So I stayed put in the hotel. Not wanting to miss a moment I ate a bag of crisps for my breakfast.

"To wipe away your tears of joy"
Once they had been pronounced man and wife I decided to head out. My hotel wasn't far from Buckingham Palace and as I was walking towards it, a girl was handing out samples of Kleenex. As she handed it to me, she said:

 'To wipe away your tears of joy'.

I'm not sure I would go that far. She had probably been handing these samples out all morning and there was little inflection in her voice, her tone was bored as she said the phrase and the incongruity of it stuck with me.

Maybe she was bored to tears?

As I headed towards Buckingham Palace, the crowd of people got thicker. With people in front and behind, personal space was now non-existent. Not a place to be if you're claustrophobic. Complete gridlock. I turned around and tried a different approach, walking along a street where the foreign dignitaries cars were parked.  People were gathered around a few of the cars, looking in the windows, presumably watching the ceremony with the driver.

I kept walking. There were people everywhere, along with police wearing florescent yellow vests. Every so often I would find myself in a sea of people slowly moving forward, direction unknown. I started to envy Kate, if only for the fact that she would never have to get stuck walking in a crowd this size ever again. But no one was pushing or shoving, everyone was calmly making their way towards the same direction. Occasionally the crowds would disperse and I could breathe again. I looked at my surroundings.  Somehow I had made it to Hyde Park.The ceremony was over and people were leaving. I spotted the tents where the official programmes were being sold.

I went to London and all I got to show for it was....

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