Sunday, August 14, 2016

Be afraid of Princess Charlotte, be very afraid

No official confirmation but some media outlets are reporting that Prince George and Princess Charlotte will indeed accompany their parents on their tour of Canada next month. At present, the true reason for this tour seems to be unclear. However, there have been rumbling there might be a bigger purpose to George and Charlotte's arrival than first thought. A recent poll suggests that Canadian's are divided over the future of the monarchy once the Queen goes to that palatial country house in the sky.

Oh, what to do?

In 2014 Prince George went to Australia and New Zealand with his parents and reportedly did wonders slaying the republican movement. What better way to reduce pesky anti-monarchy sentiment in Canada than by utilizing their latest adorable republican slayer.

Upon Charlotte's arrival the doubting Canadians will be rendered utterly powerless as they fall under her spell. Critical thinking skills will go by the wayside. Republic? What republic? For the duration of the royal tour, doubters will frolic through the Canadian wilderness in an ether of royal nostalgia wearing standard issue Princess Charlotte limited edition rose colored glasses that are mandatory apparel for any royal charm offensive tour. Now that the spell has worn off, Australians are selling their own Prince George versions on eBay. (Update: Too late they've sold out!)

Charlotte is cute so resistance will be futile. Unfortunately for the royals, the effects are not permanent.

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