Friday, June 23, 2017

Prince Harry, keep quiet and carry on

Poor Prince Harry. Must be hard to be him, what with all of the perks: gilded palaces, expensive cars, plenty of food and working trips around the world. Having the best of everything is terrible, isn't it?

Harry, and William, have perfected the we are just like other people shtick. Except when they are not. Notice that Kate herself has never gone on record. Maybe because she knows what it is like to be ordinary and the novelty of a luxurious royal life has not worn off yet. After all of those years waiting for William to propose, why would it? If the price you pay for having to smile and wave is wearing expensive clothes and a house in the country, would you complain? At least Kate is smart enough to keep any misgivings to herself.

We have heard from William in words and actions. Now it is Harry's turn to bemoan his privileged existence without apologizing for it. He aches to be "someone other than Prince Harry," he says in a Newsweek article. Some would consider that ingratitude. 'No royal wants to be king or queen," he adds. I have always thought there was a certain irony when it comes to being royal. Especially for this royal generation. Common folk want to trade places with royals, the royals want trade places with common folk. It is said that when Prince Charles becomes king, he wants to slim the monarchy down with no foresight that in doing so could slim it right out of existence. Really, all Harry needs to do is be patient and wait.

The royals should take note. First Harry is buying his own groceries, what's next? Ironing his own clothes? Opening his own doors? Madness! Has Harry not heard the cautionary tale of the Duke of Windsor having difficulty adjusting to umbrellas no longer appearing out of nowhere?

Even if Harry were to seriously give up the royal title and trappings, he can't just walk out the door. There is all of that pesky government paperwork to deal with. If the monarchy ends, what would royal bloggers and Kate fashion experts write about? What Kate used to wear? Spare a thought for all of the royal correspondents. What would Republic rail against? What outlet would I have for my scintillating royal commentary? Egad!

Harry should think of the bigger picture. Like all of the people who would be out of work as a result. The lackeys, butlers, valet, cooks who cater to the royal family's every whim. That noise you will hear? Princess Michael kicking and screaming at having to boil her own eggs.

The royal family used to function by the motto 'never explain, never complain' and the notion of putting royal duty above everything else. Generations continued to privately martyr themselves until Charles and Diana made over sharing the new royal trend. After 25 years, one would think the royals had learnt something from it. Reading Harry's interview, the Queen must long for the good old days

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