Monday, April 18, 2011

UK or Bust? To go or not to go

I've never been one of those people who is very good at making up my own mind, especially when it comes to things that are outside of my comfort zone. I'm more of a jump now, think later type of person. Which is not necessarily a bad thing except for having to live with the consequences of those impulse choices.

Since the royal engagement I have had several people asking me if I'm going to London to watch the wedding. I've always answered no. Not necessarily because it's a bad idea, it just seems like an unrealistic thing to do. Even my husband has asked me if I'm going to London, and again I've always answered no.

My plan was to wake up at an ungodly hour, make a pot of coffee and sit on the couch watching every moment, while blogging and tweeting about it. I'd thought of doing a live royal report but then I realized no one is likely to be listening to me and I didn't really want the distraction.

Despite these plans, something shifted inside of me recently. The other day I was interviewed by a journalist about people who go to the UK for the wedding. The reporter wanted my view on why people go and what kind of people go. I answered that it's the ultimate place to celebrate the royal wedding. The type of people who go might be royalists, young or old, who would like to be part of a historic event - even if it means watching it over people's heads in a crowd of thousands.

As I answered I started to realize that I wanted to be one of those people too! This thought occurring to me TWO weeks before the wedding. I wanted to go to London to join in the festivities. Crazy idea? Some would say, but I had the support of my husband and that's really what counts. Once the practicalities are dealt with, there is little to stop me from going. There is nothing standing in my way.

Other than myself.

I looked at flight and hotel options and found they were, surprisingly, reasonably priced. I've only been to London once and that was only for 3 days. I don't know anyone there. It would just be me and several thousand strangers celebrating one of the biggest television events in history. I've read of other people going, with a mixture of envy and puzzlement. Why would you want to go? You won't see anything? It's too crowded. Now I wondered these same things about myself.

I've only encountered this situation once before. I was invited to a book launch party by Jerramy Fine, author of the book Someday My Prince Will Come. However, the party was in New York City. I wasn't planning on going. I tried to think of several reasons not to go - I would need to fly there, I'd never travelled by myself before, it just seemed too extravagant a thing to do. I didn't know anyone there. I'd never even met Jerramy before nor had I read her book. Then my sense of adventure took over. Why not do it? I'd always wanted to go to New York City. I was there for all of two days and despite getting lost on the subway on more than one occasion, I had a great time. Would I do it again? You bet!

This situation is a different story. It's a longer trip, much more expensive, and maybe the reasons are not as easy to justify. It doesn't stop me from wanting to go, it just makes me wonder whether I should. I don't have a lot of time to make up my mind. I try and make a mental pro and con list without coming to any real conclusion. It's a once in a lifetime trip. I wouldn't normally do something like this. So this post, is a way of debating the pros and cons out in the open. OK, and maybe getting some objective feedback too!

Or maybe I just need to get out of my own way...

UPDATE: I will be going to London to celebrate the royal wedding! Thank you for all of your encouraging words! :)

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Kathryn said...

Go. Nothing else. Just go.

Anonymous said...

I can't go for various reasons, but if you CAN and you really want to, you probably should -- unless you have some instinct warning you not to go -- from this post, it sounds like your instincts are saying "Go."

Marilyn Braun said...

I do really want to go, it's just a scary prospect!

Right now I'm looking at travel options but I'm really leaning towards going. Now I just need to tell that to my fingers when I hit submit to book my tickets online!

Elizabeth Kerri Mahon said...

Marilyn, I was lucky enough to be there in 1981 when Prince Charles married Lady Diana. I got to see all the hoopla up close, although I watched the ceremony on TV with my host family but it was awesome. If I could afford it, I would go in a heartbeat.

Marilyn Braun said...

Oh good! I'm glad someone else has done this before! :)

L.M. said...

GO!!!!!!!! GO! GO! GO! Just so you can tell all your readers how magical it was:) Make the leap. Back in 2008 I went to Mexico and lived there by myself without knowing anyone for 3 months. It was amazing. Now go book your ticket.

Unknown said...

I really enjoy your show and hope that you will make it over. I am coming from Chicago, and I am taking a friend from Portland. We will be getting prime spots across from the Queen Victoria memorial - perhaps you could stand with us?! (