Monday, April 11, 2011

Royal Review: Knit Your Own Royal Wedding by Fiona Goble

Like other royal wedding souvenirs commemorating William and Kate's big day, Knit Your Own Royal Wedding could be filed under 'what will they think of next?'

However, unlike those other items this book has a certain charm to it. A genuine desire to celebrate the event in an original and creative way. Besides, why go out and buy a souvenir when you can make your own?

William & Kate
I know next to nothing about knitting but the instructions, with easy to follow diagrams, are encouraging enough to try. No special equipment is required and if you are an experienced knitter you will likely be ready to start these dolls upon receipt of the book. There are directions for knitting The Queen, Prince Philip, Prince Charles, Camilla, Prince Harry, Prince William and Catherine Middleton. Then there's the corgis, the Archbishop of Canterbury and some royal footmen. Why stop there when you can knit your own congregation, complete with stylish outfits? To top it off, Knit Your Own Royal Wedding comes with a fold-out balcony for you to reenact the special day in your own home. Something to delight young and old alike.

For knitters, this book will be right up their alley. For royal watchers looking for unique items to mark the royal wedding, then this book makes a nice, charming addition to their collection.

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