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Whatever happened to Jacques Azagury's blue and black sparkly dance dress?

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Continuing on with the 'OMG what was I thinking when I wore this?' theme, we have a ballerina length dance dress by Jacques Azagury. When you see this dress, you know exactly what decade it came from. The Christie's auction catalogue describes Lot #22 as:
The dropped bodice gives a 'flapper' or 'twenties' effect to this dance dress. The bodice is of black rayon, simulating velvet, embroidered with shiny blue stars and flower beads on a background of sprinkled multi-coloured glass beads. The full skirt of two layers of brilliant blue organza, is trimmed with a bow at the hip and has a black simulated silk petticoat. 
This is the kind of dress you find in your closet, mentally revisit your 80s fashion choices, then put it back. People magazine thought differently and paid $26,450 for it. This isn't the first time a dress was bought by a publication. Paris Match, and You Magazine each purchased dresses to give away as contest prizes. Can you imagine winning a Diana dress? The only royal items I've ever won is a book of Prince Philip quotes and a t-shirt with the Queen on it.  

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Regardless, Diana looked stunning and she wore it on several occasions. It was worn during two royal tours. At a banquet given by the Mayor of Florence in 1985 and Canada in 1986 for a Vancouver Symphony Orchestra performance. She also wore it in January 1988 for a London City ballet performance at Britannic House. It was designed by Jacques Azagury, who has a section on his website about her. He also designed costumes for the Diana biopic starring Naomi Watts.

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As far as I can tell, it is still owned by People Magazine. They have lent the dress to Historic Royal Palaces for their popular Fashion Rules exhibit. It has also appeared on the Queen Mary Diana dress exhibit. Proving that there are many people are actually willing to pay to revisit their 1980s fashion choices.

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