Friday, May 13, 2011

The Curious Case of Catherine's Womb

The ink was barely dry on the royal marriage register when the first speculation began on when Catherine would get pregnant. On the evening of the wedding, a reporter noticing the knowing looks the couple gave each other during the service commented:"two may soon become three".

Almost 2 weeks into the marriage and still no announcement? Tsk tsk. Obviously Catherine needs to step up her game. She may be on honeymoon, frolicking in the sand, maybe doing some snorkeling, but that doesn't mean she can't multi-task. After all, a record is at stake. Diana gave birth to Prince William a month before her first wedding anniversary. The Queen, then Princess Elizabeth, cut it close giving birth to Prince Charles 6 days before her first wedding anniversary. Slackers. Queen Victoria gave birth to her first child a bit over 9 months from the day of her wedding.

According to Andrew Morton, if Catherine doesn't get pregnant soon, she'll be defying 200 years of royal tradition. For heavens sake, it's also her duty! Just ask Royal Historian Hugo Vickers. Where oh where are the female historians to remind Prince William of his duty to provide an heir and make his spouse happy?

Forget enjoying married life or that there are 1,400 people in the line of succession behind Prince William. Not to mention that Catherine is not getting any younger. Besides, the sooner she gives birth, the sooner we can start divorce rumours.

With this ring, Catherine gave up not only her freedom but also her womb.

Don't worry Catherine, we'll take it from here.

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