Wednesday, May 04, 2011

How long have you been out here for?

'How long have you been out here for?' A reporter asked, as she shoved a microphone into the face of a woman wearing a union jack hat with a homemade banner attached to the railings. Clearly enjoying the attention the woman smiled, giving the same answer she probably gave to all reporters who came by. 

Other reporters and camera crews were doing similar things to anyone with a creatively decorated sign or tent. Cameras were set up on scaffolds surrounding the Victoria memorial. Those that weren't were in the green media studios set up to cover the event outside Buckingham Palace. Groups of people stood behind those studios, waving signs and cheering to get on TV. Occasionally the crowd would be rewarded with a smile and a wave from the on-air personality.

Just off to the side of these studios, behind gates, stood huge satellite dishes and news caravans that hummed. Walking along Constitution Hill, Green Park, a peaceful retreat from the hoopla. Shaded, cool and quiet it didn't seem as though it was in the same area. Walking back towards Buckingham Palace, it was warm outside and I wished I'd left my coat back at the hotel. Except that it could, and did, turn cool at times.

There was an enormous amount of people, though not as many as there would be this time tomorrow. Nothing was happening. Maybe they were here for the same reason I was. Not to stake a claim on the pavement but to observe, take pictures and like me, savor the moment of just being there.

© Marilyn Braun 2011

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