Thursday, May 05, 2011

Brace yourselves Middleton family, this is just the beginning


Your daughter has married a royal. And not just any royal. No, the second in line to the throne. Yep, your daughter is now at the pinnacle of the aristocracy. And it only took your family several of generations to get there. As every media outlet seems to want to remind you.

So now that all of the wedding bills have been paid. You've packed up your bags, smiling graciously as you get into your car to return to your normal life back in Berkshire.

Or will you?

Unlike some other families who have had relatives marry into the royal family, you have had the advantage of getting used to the spotlight. Unlike the Ferguson's or the Spencer's, you Middleton's are a stable and loyal family. Why if it weren't for Uncle Gary, the relatives who worked in the coal mines, or that you once worked in the airline industry, your family is close to ideal.  As the media seems to want to remind all of us.

Unfortunately you made a mistake - without even knowing it. Something that might cost your family dearly when it comes to privacy. You only have to look at the wedding footage to prove it. In a nutshell:


Pippa MiddletonThe moment she stepped out of the car in that slinky Sarah Burton dress (a style, oddly, bearing no relation to anyone else's in the wedding party), you were in trouble. You may not have even realized it until you read the papers the next day.

Now for the most part, a maid of honor who overshadows the bride will test any friendship/family bond.  Long after the wedding photos make the bride's dress look dated, a gorgeous maid of honor will live in infamy. Why, it's enough to get you removed from the Christmas card list or any invites to subsequent marriage ceremonies. In this instance it's different. Pippa is not only the star of the wedding album but now a tabloid cover girl. Unfortunately disowning Pippa will backfire. That is the stuff which juicy tell-alls are made of.

At least Diana had the good sense to put the lovely Lady Sarah Armstrong Jones in a larger version of the children's dresses. Pretty, but no sex appeal whatsoever. It was Diana's dress that was the most important. After all, it was her day now wasn't it?

What's done is done. Just when you thought your lives could go back to normal Pippa unwittingly unleashed a whole new focus on the Middleton family. That slinky body will inspire hundreds of potential story lines. Pictured beside Prince Harry on the palace balcony, who wouldn't see them as a couple? Maybe if you're lucky something will become of it. That will show them, won't it?

It's plain to see that your family is close-knit and loyal. Now that Kate is royal and Pippa is on the radar, you'll need those qualities to survive the continued and intense interest in your family. Think you've been through the ringer before?

Brace yourselves Middleton's, this is just the beginning.

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This Brokedown Life said...

I couldn't agree more. When I saw her sashaying up the aisle, swinging her behind, wearing a tight white dress, while holding the hands of little children!, I thought, "Bad taste. Bad, bad. This will fuel the fires of those who say that William has married too far beneath him." Love your blog, keep it coming.

Elizabeth Kerri Mahon said...

Now the media has found images of Pippa from when she was at university wearing a toilet paper wedding dress and also pictures in her underwear which is only fanning the flames. Not to mention the Facebook pages devoted to her rear. More people were talking about how gorgeous and hot Pippa looked and whether or not she and Prince Harry were going to hook up then the royal couple. Not even James in a dress (and those have resurfaced too) can compare.

I'm sure the Royals are hoping that Miss Middleton announces her engagement to Alex Loudon soon.

Marilyn Braun said...

Yes people sure are paying more attention to Pippa now!

Although I think they have every right to defend themselves, I think the less that they say about these photographs, the better it will be in the long run.

James and Pippa are not public figures and they shouldn't conduct their lives based on what other people think of them or what they've done in the past. Their sister may now be royal but they have lives too. Hopefully once this all blows over, they will be allowed to live them in peace and quiet!