Friday, February 27, 2015

What will Baby Girl Cambridge be called?

I have already written a blog post about what Baby Boy Cambridge will be called, . Apparently William and Kate did not read it, choosing a name I disliked! George! Let's hope, if it is another boy they choose something less old fashioned and heavy sounding.

This time round many are expecting William and Kate to have a girl and there are many bets on what name they will choose. Currently some of the top contenders include: Elizabeth, Victoria and Mary. One site listed Khaleesi as an option, though neither of them strike me as Game of Thrones fans. Here is my list for names and why they may or may not be chosen.


The name of the present Queen and the late Queen Mother. Elizabeth is also a popular middle name. Some royal ladies who have the name include: Princess Anne, Princess Beatrice, Lady Louise Windsor, Zara Tindall, great-granddaughter Isla Phillips, Margarita Armstrong-Jones, Lady Sarah Chatto, Lady Davina Lewis and Princess Alexandra to name a few (Phew!). Other than the present Queen, it is not used as a first name by anyone in the immediate line of succession to the throne, which means it is unlikely that there would be a 'muddle over two Elizabeth's in the family', as was the concern in 1926 when the present Queen was given her mother's name.


Princess Alexandra, Lady Ogilvy, is the only current member of the royal family to use it as a first name, though there are several family members who have it as one of their given names, including the present Queen. It was also the name of the consort of King Edward VII, the beautiful Queen Alexandra. It would be a wonderful way to pay tribute to Princess Alexandra, who also happens to be Prince William's godmother.


At present no member of the royal family uses Mary as a first name. Like Elizabeth and Alexandra, there are members of the family who have it amongst their given names, thus making it a refreshing change. It is also the name of the venerable Queen Mary, consort of King George V.

Sixteen of Queen Victoria's granddaughters had Victoria amongst their given names but only five used it. Victoria continued to be included until the present Queen was born. It still appears as a middle name but no one currently bears Victoria as a first name so like Mary, it would be a refreshing change.


Some are betting on Diana being included but I highly doubt it. While it would be a nice tribute it would be a lot for a little girl to live up to.

The name of Prince Philip's mother and a middle name for Princess Anne, no one in the immediate family uses it as a first name. Thus making it ripe for a revival!


The name Charlotte has a tragic royal history after King George III's only legitimate grandchild, Princess Charlotte of Wales, died in childbirth. Her death started a race to produce an heir amongst the elderly king's middle aged sons. This race resulted in the birth of Queen Victoria.  It is also Pippa Middleton's middle name.

Although I would love to see another Princess Elizabeth in the family, I lean towards William and Kate choosing Victoria or Charlotte. As this second child is unlikely to succeed the throne, William and Kate have more freedom to choose a name. Rumor has it they are Downton Abbey fans. Could there be a Princess Marigold of Cambridge in the future? We will find out in April!

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platinum said...

How about Anne? - Given new baby's alleged ability to swoop in and join in the denial of the Scots' right to self-determination, perhaps it would be an appropriate commemoration of the last queen who succeeded in that, Queen Anne, and also the other Queen Anne, wife of James IV. A nod to the union of the crowns when oor king buggered off down south where we've been forgotten by our monarchs (except when we can provide for their blood-thirsty entertainment) ever since.

Marilyn Braun said...

Interesting. Do you think the Queen had that thought in mind back in 1950 when she chose the name Anne for her own daughter? ;)

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Charlotte is really an option as it is the name of The Earl of Spencer's daughter and while she is a cousin of William's she would be in the same generation as the new Cambridge baby.

Marilyn Braun said...

I would hope that would not rule it out. Pippa also has Charlotte as a middle name. Not sure how close William and Kate are to Earl Spencer. I'm sure if they do choose Charlotte, the connection will be brought up!

Cheryl Ciucevich said...

But don't forget that Elizabeth is also Catherine's middle name!

Marilyn Braun said...

Oh dear, how could I forget?

Uh oh, someone is coming to take my royal watching credentials away from me! Lol ;)

Anonymous said...

If me I would like to say why dont you name Princess Nancy of Cambridge or Princess Marina of Cambridge(to remember the duchess of kent).Hoping beautiful young diana resemblance will come