Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Contain your excitement, the Royal Baby is coming!

A royal baby is coming. And no one. I mean NO ONE. Is more excited than I am!

It is the middle of April and it could happen 'any day now.' In anticipation I am limbering up my hands and fingers in preparation for endlessly refreshing my Twitter feed for news that the new royal baby has finally arrived. My devices are fully charged. I have the latest Twitter updates. I am pumped and ready to go!

Oh yeah, royal baby. BRING IT!

'Meh, it's just the spare, right?'

Just the spare? JUST the spare? Are you kidding me?

Granted, this royal baby is not nearly as important as Prince George is supposed to be. It will not have the unearned privilege of sitting on whatever remains of the British throne. But STILL! It's a royal baby!

This time round it has become fashionable to downplay our interest. As if to avoid disappointment, we are supposed to act as though we are completely above this and show restraint. No pre-birth editions of major publications devoted to this baby's arrival. This time round the media is not allowed to camp outside of the Lindo wing until Kate is safely in the hospital. Even the Republican movement cannot move themselves to update their #bornequal hashtag for this occasion.

What is the world coming to?

(Cue violins)

Sometimes it gets lonely being the only one interested. Thank goodness for People magazine and Hello! providing me with a feast of rehashed details: Kate's birth plan. Names. Godparents. What the chosen one might wear while walking on water. All lovingly generalized by people with no insider knowledge whatsoever. Sometimes I wonder if they make things up.


Oh well! When the time comes, I will be right there. Refreshing my twitter feed and making note of all of the excitement people predicted would never happen.

Maybe I'm not alone after all.

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