Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Royal Watch Day 7

Summary for the day (actually the past few days. I've been remiss in my duties)

  • French woman claims to have Diana's kidney - the ultimate Diana collector's item. But will she sell herself on eBay?
  • Prince Charles speech on demolition of historic houses, labelled "biggest attack on the government for several years" - Who knew politicians were so touchy?
  • Charles and Camilla appear smiley in public - ahhh to be a newlywed again
  • Camilla carries out first solo engagement and little girl gives her a kiss. Never underestimate the PR value of a small child.
  • Queen poses for official photo and *gasp* asked to smile
  • Harry still in military training
  • Diana conspiracy theories revived - as if we could be allowed to forget
  • No mortal wounds or sword fights

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