Thursday, May 12, 2005

Royal Watch - Day 3

This is getting desperate isn't it? I briefly thought about upping the ante and going without coffee for it's duration but I'm not that brave. Coffee and this blog keep me going...okay, I admit I have other nutritional sources and I do go outside for some fresh air occassionally.

Today's summary:

  • Princess Michael of Kent (aka Princess Pushy) thinking of moving to France. Many people will be happy about this development. Who will I write about it this happens?
  • Prince Charles spends time at a monastery in Romania - interesting possibilities but I won't go there
  • Harry photo-op with HIV orphans marred by cigarette
  • Charles and Camilla go on a real honeymoon in Greece
  • 'Cheating' accusations leveled against Harry by 'mentally unstable' former Eton teacher
  • Camilla carries out first solo engagement as a royal
  • Prince Andrew spends $200,000 (CDN) of taxpayers money on a trip to Russia

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