Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Has Catherine's privacy become a royal paradox?

It's always nice to see Catherine, isn't it? Especially as it's so rare to do so. What with her wanting to take her time and ease into royal duties. We can't be blamed for taking what we can get in between.

Catherine reportedly spent 4 hours at the salon. How do we know she was there? Because there's a photo of her getting her hair blow dried. This photo was taken through a window. Whose fault is it that she was photographed? The paparazzi who took the picture? Or is it Catherine's for not sitting in a more private location?

Judging by the comments people like seeing her. But yet there are also comments invoking Diana.  Her life is a parable for what can go wrong. But pointing this out is a downer. Like playing outside and being reminded you have homework. It spoils the fun. Off duty photos are harmless, aren't they? Besides, what are the chances it could happen again?

As you read this article there's no need to comment on the hypocrisy. I know I am not innocent of wanting to know about Catherine.  Nor about using her as material for my blogs. I follow her because she is, currently, the most interesting member of the royal family. A royal superstar. Therefore I can't take the high road. Because then it wouldn't allow me to question what's wrong with it.

However I'm also not alone in my interest. But where do you draw the line? The bedroom? Bathroom?Is she supposed to stay in her remote cottage/palace and become a recluse? She may have signed up for a life in the spotlight, but when did saying 'Catherine's privacy' become incongruous? 

I'm drawing my line in the sand at photographs taken through windows or when she's off duty.

Where do you draw yours?

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