Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Diagnosis - Catherine Fashion Fatigue

I don't want to sound ungrateful, or anything.

After all, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have chosen Canada for their first official visit. And it's wonderful and an honor to have them in our midst.

I've been following the daily reports of William and Catherine's tour. Enjoying all of the suspense (will Prince William's souffle rise or fall?) as well as the public displays of affection. But I need to get something off of my chest. From all of this coverage I must say that I'm starting to suffer from Catherine fashion fatigue.

I never thought I'd say this but I'm actually starting to look forward to the end of the tour.

From the moment she stepped off the plane in Ottawa to now, all aspect of her clothes have been analyzed. Few reports pass up a chance to mention her appearance. The minute details poured over and tracked by fashionistas. Twitter is filled with tweets about everything from the top of her head to the tips of her toes. The level of interest is impressive and staggering.

Don't get me wrong, I enjoy the royal updates. But I'm trying hard to understand this fascination. Maybe it's the novelty aspect of it. After all, the royal family hasn't had someone like Catherine in their ranks in a long time. Tall, beautiful and photogenic she has obviously filled a void where royal fashion is concerned. Add to that, her flawless royal performance to date and it's almost insufferable. Thank goodness she lost the boat race, otherwise the perfection would be unbearable.

Judging by the articles, it seems Catherine can do no wrong in her choice of clothes. That is, as long as she wears something new. But even that is poured over in detail, if only to repeat what we already know about it. She's not the first woman to wear the same outfit twice (or three, or four times) and she won't be the last. I'm waging a guess that like Diana, Catherine won't win when it comes to what she chooses to wear .

I think I'm beginning to understand the people who complained about the royal wedding coverage. I enjoyed it but you can have too much of a good thing. And like news reports about the royal wedding, maybe I'll appreciate the tour more once Catherine returns to Anglesey. But right now, enough is enough.

*Waves white flag*

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Caroline said...

Blasphemy! Look, quite honestly the only information of interest that we have about Kate is what she's wearing. She hasn't actually accomplished anything else besides landing a prince and looking pretty, has she? Don't get me wrong, I'm quite enamored of her, and of them as a couple, but thus far it's a purely superficial obsession. :)

Marilyn Braun said...


I think I need to clarify something with this article.

1) I like reading about Kate. I think she is the best thing to happen to the royal family in a long time.

2) I'm enjoying the coverage, particularly as I am a Canadian.

3) True, she has done little of substance at the moment. Little is expected of her on this tour.

4) She looks beautiful. She dresses beautifully and I think that's wonderful.

However, that's all I seem to be hearing about her. Day in and day out, on the web, on twitter. I would love to hear about something different in relation to her. Reading about her clothes all the time is tiring. That is why I am suffering from fatigue. It goes overboard at times, especially in the minute details. Understandable that people are interested yes, but it doesn't make it any less tiring!

That's just my clarification! :)

denise said...

I agree. I like the fact that the both of them have demonstrated sides to them other thatn taking walabouts. I loved it when Prince William demonstrated his flying ability recently in Canada. It was actually quite neat to see that. The other was when Catherine showed off her rowing skills. The only other female royals that do this Princess Anne, Zara Phillips, and the Queen when she was riding heavily. It is nice to see such a athletic royal.