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Day Three - William and Catherine's Royal Tour 2011 - Ottawa

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With all of the fuss surrounding the religious wedding ceremony in Monaco, it would be easy to forget that William and Catherine were still on tour in Canada.

While the traditional tree planting in the Royal Grove on the grounds of Rideau Hall is not as glamorous as what the new royal bride, the Princess of Monaco was wearing, the couple did their best to be stoic about it.

This will be the first of many trees that Catherine will plant, she carried it off with elan, as if she had been doing this her entire life. Dressed in a grey Catherine Walker 'Kensington' dress, a favorite designer of the late-Diana, Princess of Wales, wearing the same ring, using the same spade and stopping to admire a tree Charles and Diana had planted on their own first visit, ran the risk of comparisons but thankfully there were few.

The couple planted a Canadian hemlock, a tree with a lifespan of 800 years. According to the Governor Generals office:
"They have chosen it as a symbol of love and marriage and are planting a similar tree that was planted by the emperor and empress of Japan on the occasion of their 50th wedding anniversary,"
Canadian heritage flickr
Afterwards the couple attended a reception at the Canadian War Museum, meeting with 25 veterans from the Korean War, the Second World War and Afghanistan. The couple also unveiled a massive mural. Painted by Augustus John and commissioned by Lord Beaverbrook, who'd intended it to be part of a collection at a national war memorial art gallery.

The couple continue Day 3 of their visit in MontrĂ©al, Quebec.

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