Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Royal Report for July 10, 2011 - The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge in Canada

Did Catherine really wear the same jeans three days in a row? Has the Toronto Sun gone too far with a picture of Catherine? What happens when the fashion police show up?

Find out on this episode:

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge in Canada

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The topic will be: Is Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge a style icon?

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Caroline said...

Hi Marilyn! When I saw the photos of poor Kate with her dress blowing up around her I thought 2 things:
1. At least she's got a rather flawless back view!
2. Did no one tell her to put weights in her skirt?

I remember years and years and years ago when Fergie was a newlywed that there was some big scandal because something similar happened to her, and everyone was just shocked that she didn't know to put weights in the hem of her skirts. You'd think someone would have thought to warn poor Kate, or that she would have read about the Fergie incident while researching her new life in the public eye (you know she studied up). How do you think this gaffe was made?

Marilyn Braun said...

Hi Caroline!

Yes, I did have the same thoughts as you, upon seeing that photo. Flawless, indeed. ;)

It's entirely possible that Catherine was unaware of putting weights in the hems of her skirts. I thought I read in Fergie's biography, that she had to learn that on her own - no one told her! So it could be the same type of thing. She may also have not anticipated that it would be that windy, in which case she should probably have chosen a different dress - live and learn!

There are even some who have wondered whether having a dresser would have made a difference. Guess she'll know for next time.

I agree, Kate probably did some research into her royal role, learning from previous fashion mistakes. Though when it comes to Fergie, so much went wrong that Kate may have not known exactly where to begin and thought better to avoid it altogether. I would do the same!