Friday, July 15, 2011

Once upon a time...Catherine Cambridge had privacy

Once upon a time..

Not long ago, a woman married a prince and became a princess err a duchess (though princess Catherine is acceptable). Some still did not know what to call the royal formerly known as Kate Middleton, so to some media outlets she remains Kate Middleton until something else catches on.

Prior to her spectacular wedding, Kate Middleton toiled away for many years, waiting for her prince to decide when the best time was to propose to her. During these years she was criticized for many things, thus developing a thick skin that would serve her well later on.

And so it came to be that her prince decided to propose. Presenting her with his iconic mother's engagement ring, thus guaranteeing no escape from her memory. This made almost everyone happy - photographers, dress designers, souvenir makers and wedding preparations began in earnest. In time we came to know about the cake, the music, who was invited and who had been snubbed. One thing Kate kept to herself was the wedding dress designer. We would have to wait until the wedding day. Like children impatient for Christmas, we speculated and wondered.

Occasionally Kate would appear in public so like Hungarian/Italian/Jewish/Portuguese mothers we could comment on how thin she looked. This concern was overshadowed by how stylish she appeared; her fashion choices flying off the shelves.  As long as she looked good is all that mattered. Or so it seemed at the time.

Finally her wedding day approached and almost everyone was happy. The prince showed up and save for the wedding ring debacle, everything went well. People lined the streets, cheering. She kissed her prince on the balcony as author Andrew Morton waited for a photograph for the cover of his book.

But no sooner was the ring on Kate's Catherine's finger than speculation began on when she would conceive. Some even speculated that she couldn't have a baby. The couple left on their honeymoon while we continued to wonder when an heir would arrive. Suddenly Catherine's body was no longer her own.

The royal tour didn't help matters. Especially when someone wished her well in starting a family, she replied: "Yes, I hope to." Poor Kate Middleton/Princess,/Duchess Catherine. Doesn't she know those four words will come back to haunt her? Now that she's returned to Anglesey, she must think her womb is safe from prying eyes. Nothing could be further from the truth. After all, without official duties, what else is there to do in such a remote location but to make babies?

And each time the Duchess of Cambridge leaves her cozy home people will be on baby-watch, wondering and waiting and speculating. Impatient for an announcement. If only we were writing the next chapter, we might get it sooner. But we're not.

To be continued...

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