Friday, March 25, 2011

Will someone please think of the royal cherubs?

I probably shouldn't say this. Reading anti-royal wedding articles makes my blood boil. But today I realized that I have a choice not to read them. Easy right? You'd think the people complaining about the wedding would stop reading the coverage too. They, like myself have an excuse to continue torturing ourselves. In my case it's motivated by milking  writing timely articles about the royal wedding.

But then, like the naysayers, I've also thought. Why should I stop reading? We want to continue being martyrs so we can complain about it, then that's our prerogative. It's unfortunate that some of the naysayers have larger forums than I do to complain, but I feel that I should do my part to defend the honor of those who DO care about the royal wedding.

Think about it. Every time a naysayer justifies their disinterest, an innocent royal cherub cancels their Royalty/Majesty/Hello! magazine subscription. No doubt they feel alone, misunderstood, maybe they've never told a soul about their interest in the royal family. Makes you want to cry doesn't it? They may start to hide their collection of royal wedding books. Ultimately they may resort to heading out under cover of darkness to buy the latest royal wedding commemorative book-a-zine. Tragic.

So precious royal cherubs of all ages. You are not alone in your interest in the royal wedding. Despite what the polls say, there are others who want to watch it too. The naysayers may complain louder but they're probably protesting too much for their own good. Deep down inside, behind all the grumpy negativity, there's a royal cherub waiting to come out. When they do, make sure you give them a hug to welcome them to the dark side. Maybe buy them a tacky souvenir. If anyone deserves it, it's them.

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