Wednesday, March 02, 2011

The Royal Report for Tuesday March 1, 2011 - Royal Focus: Windsor Castle

How many royal wedding apps do you need to track the big day? Should we tweet about Kate Middleton's hips? Will Kate take Camilla's advice? How much did William the Conqueror pay to rent the site of Windsor Castle? When did Windsor Castle become a royal residence?
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Royal Focus: Windsor Castle

Publications discussed

Hello! Canada Weekly No 207 28 February 2011

Royal Wedding Apps

WeeMee Royal Wedding Countdown timer

Exhibition mentioned

Prince Philip - Celebrating ninety years

From My Royal Collection

Charles, Prince of Wales: A Birthday Souvenir Album (Royal Collection)

Resources used to research this episode:

The Royal Encyclopaedia

Royal Palaces of Europe by Hugh Montgomery-Massingberd

Official Site of the British Monarchy - Windsor Castle

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The topic will be: The Royals and the movies

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Clark Edwards said...

Hey...this may be of interest to you..

Marilyn Braun said...

Interesting project. Look forward to seeing the invites! :)