Thursday, May 07, 2009

The Royal and The Clueless - Episode 15

On this episode of The Royal and The Clueless, Kate sits at her desk at work. She has just finished listening to her favorite podcast - The Royal Report. Kate thoughtfully ponders the topic of the recent show - Why are people so fascinated by Kate Middleton? She starts searching on the Internet for the answer when Enrique, still smouldering, comes up behind her.

Enrique: What are you doing?

Kate: Marilyn did a great episode this week called Why are we so fascinated by Kate Middleton? And I started thinking. Why are people so fascinated with me? So I'm just looking for some answers. I want to understand it better.

Enrique: What have you found so far?

Kate: Well there's this blog which is discussing the topic intelligently. But now I've found this forum...

Enrique: Wow, do those forum* members have lives?

Kate: *Sigh* I don't know. I don't understand. They've never met me yet they hate me so much...

Enrique: Hmmm...What does it say there?

Kate: It says they want me dead.

Enrique: They can't possibly be serious?

Kate: It must be a figure of speech.

Enrique: No, I don't think so. They must not know the definition of the word dead.

He grabs a dictionary and starts to read

Enrique: 'Having lost life, no longer longer in existence'

Kate: Do you think they're jealous?

Enrique: They say they aren't but obviously they doth protest too much. I guess they don't know the definition of that word either?

Enrique flips to the definition of jealous.

Enrique: 'Having to do with or arising from feelings of envy, apprehension, or bitterness'. It looks like they really enjoy bashing after page..entire threads devoted to bashing you..

Kate: I guess I'm not the only one without a job

Enrique: Ain't that the TRUTH!

On the next episode of The Royal and The Clueless, Kate decides to make better use of her time.

© Marilyn Braun 2009

* Any similarity to any particular forum threads is purely a coincidence.

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