Wednesday, May 13, 2009

When you care enough to send second best

The Queen was obviously busy.

Prince Charles was going head to head with architects.

What's a royal to do when a 109 year old woman complains about her birthday card?

Send Prince William instead.

The second in line to the throne made a surprise visit to one of his grandmother's subjects to personally apologize for a Hallmark faux pas. Born in 1899, Catherine Masters has seen it all. Obviously nothing gets past her. Including the fact that the Queen has worn an identical yellow dress in all five birthday cards she has sent to Mrs Masters. Prince William laid on the charm for 40 minutes and thrilled Mrs Masters, who will obviously remember the visit for the rest of her lifetime.

Now your Majesty, about that yellow dress...

© Marilyn Braun 2009

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Lucy said...

I love this post! This lady has it all together. How observant! And- what a treat to get the dashing grandson for a visit. thanks:)