Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Royal Report for Sunday May 10th, 2009 - Even More Royal Blogs!!

On this episode I discussed several royal blogs that you should definately add to your Google reader!

You can listen to the episode here

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Publications mentioned

Hello! Canada Weekly No 128 11 May 2009

Websites mentioned

World of Royalty

Blogs mentioned

British Royal Wedding

Royal Romance

Mad Hattery!

Enchanted by Josephine

Royal Travel Blog

Royal Musings

The Norwegian Royals Report

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The topic will be: The Royal Romance Report - May edition

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Anonymous said...

I actually WAS looking for a blog about the Norwegian royals, so thank you! Thank you also for mentioning my site.

Marilyn Braun said...

Glad I could help with the Norwegian blog!

I'm sorry I haven't mentioned your site before in relation to the show. I appreciate you allowing me to promote it.