Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Don't you just love a royal scandal?

I don't know if you've noticed but lately there's been a lag in royal news. Queen Beatrix's abdication just serves as a reminder of how dull British royal news has become. It is truly a sad situation when other royal houses do more interesting things than the British do.

Case in point. The Dutch abdication is historic. Right now all we have to work with is Kate going to Starbucks and shopping at the Gap and Harry expressing ambivalence towards his destiny. Ho hum stuff. The British royal family is ripe for a royal scandal in 2013. I just know it. I'm not referring to a scandal where someone dies. Nothing that dire. No, what we need is a scandal we can sink our teeth into, one that lights up Twitter and royal message boards and inspires columnists to write sanctimonious articles that add nothing to the solution.

2012 was not a boring year. What with the photos of Harry in Las Vegas and Kate's topless photos in France. If I had known that was the best the royals could do, well I would have savored the fallout more. So far 2013 has turned out to be rather dull in this respect. True, it is January. But as February approaches, the signs are not good.

It's not as if we don't have something to look forward to. Yes, yes, I know William and Catherine's baby will arrive in July. Yes, the Queen is celebrating the anniversary of her coronation. I'm sure Charles and Camilla will take the tube again. Maybe this will be the year Princess Anne smiles.  *Yawn* Excuse me while I await the stamps, coins and multiple commemorative issues from Hello magazine.

Harry used to be the go-to royal for entertainment value. What with his rugged good looks and complete inability to distinguish from inside your head thoughts vs outside your head thoughts.Much like when Fergie reappears. It seems they can no longer shock us. It's more a case of shaking heads and sighing "OK, what did she/he do this time?" The only way Harry could shock us now is if he said something diplomatic.

I'm not picky. I'll settle for an illegitimate child, maybe someone can unexpectedly come out of the closet. If they run out of ideas they can look to the Monegasques and run off with someone from the circus or marry someone against their will!

Fingers crossed!

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Hopewell said...

Too funny. Likely the best we'll get is Kate, thank god, having a boy. Maybe William will get hair plugs? I think it would be fun to find out that guy really IS the son of Margaret and Peter Townsend, but I'm not holding my breath. I guess, from the royal perspective dull is good.

Rman said...

Hi Marilyn,

Lol, I think this will be a good year for the British royal family. The Coronation celebrations and the baby's arrival.

I'm not looking forward to anything scandal like from the royal family. Although I wouldn't call it a scandal, but I think the topless pictures and the whole prank call incident was pretty much enough for me. The media already tried to stretch Prince Harry's interview by making it seem like he said things that were offensive.

I'm just waiting patiently on the pictures of Catherine's bump and for the royal couple to walk out of the hospital with their little bundle of joy. That's worth sinking our teeth into I think.

Marilyn Braun said...

LOL, I'm glad there are still some people with a sense of humor out there. A couple of people on Twitter seemed to be taking this post too literally.

Hopewell, hairplugs! If only! *wistful* Now that would be something, wouldn't it? ;)

Rman, I know that the royals have some good news coming up. It will be great to see the baby when it arrives. Although I understand wanting to protectivelly shield their baby, I'm hoping that William & Kate don't try to completely hide the child away from us by not releasing any official photographs of him/her.

In terms of scandals, I don't wish ill on anyone but sometimes it's nice to have a wacky story now and then. Where's Fergie when you need her? ;)