Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Royal Book Challenge: Moments - Reflections in words and pictures by Sarah, The Duchess of York

Moments by
Sarah, The Duchess of York
Book 4/500

Moments: Reflections in Words and Pictures by Sarah, The Duchess of York
Published 2003
ISBN: 1 86205 573 4
96 pages

Unlike her ex-husband's, the Duke of York's book Photography, which features somewhat unremarkable photographs of interesting subjects, Sarah, The Duchess of York's Moments bursts with energy, possessing a vitality missing in Prince Andrew's early work.

It is the personal details which sets this book apart. Sarah has captured moments from her global travels and the overall impression is of tranquility. In dispersed amongst thought provoking quotes, are beautiful photographs of her children, Beatrice and Eugenie, conveying the innocence of childhood and the powerful bonds of love between siblings, parents and grandparents. One of my favorite photos in this book is of the Duke of York and Princess Eugenie hugging. A rare glimpse of Windsor affection you wouldn't find in other books on the royal family.

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