Thursday, April 01, 2010

Kate Middleton speaks, but what is she really saying?

Earlier this week the Party Pieces website published an interview with Kate Middleton where she discussed fond memories from her childhood. Party Pieces is, incidently, a company that her family runs so it was no big scoop for them. The interview was removed not long after but when it was picked up by the media and other royal blogs it spread like wildfire with opinions ranging from it being charming to pure Middleton propoganda.

Although this has been touted as her first 'interview' Kate made no great revelations. It was not so much the answers as what they revealed about her. Up to this point we've only 'known' Kate as the girlfriend of Prince William. Other than a brief comment she made on a video while visiting a marketing seminar, we had never heard her speak for herself.  In the absence of any concrete proof, people have projected their views, in some cases, making her far more diabolical and manipulative than she might be in real life.

It's hard to see her as diabolical when she reveals her favorite food is jelly and her favorite outfit was a pair of clown dungarees. And that's quite possibly the intent, although I'm certain Kate could find better uses of her time than to answer back to her detractors. It doesn't hurt her parent's company. You can't buy the amount of publicity Party Pieces received by putting the interview out there. If no one knew about the company beforehand, they certainly do now.

The interview itself doesn't hurt Kate either. It is a way for her to get herself out there and the royal family cannot say anything about it. Speaking to the media has jettisoned many a previous royal girlfriend but she doesn't mention the royal family or even Prince William. Unlike Diana's infamous Panorama interview, this one is hardly likely to come back to haunt her.

Using the media to advantage is nothing new to the royal family. Diana elevated it to an art form, starting with her image even before her engagement. The demure behavior and posing with small children gave a pleasant impression, even if she looked nothing like Princess material. The only thing missing from Kate's interview was if she'd been pictured holding a small child while answering. She has clearly taken a page out of Diana's play-book.

Kate's interview is no longer posted on the Party Pieces online magazine, The Party Times. It's difficult to understand the reason why that is but there's a lot of speculation. Regardless, it stayed up long enough to hit the mark.

However you want to define it.

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