Thursday, April 08, 2010

An Open Letter to Prince William and Kate Middleton

Dear William and Kate,

Or should I call you 'Sir' and 'Ma'am'? My apologies for the informality but after all of this time I feel as though I know both of you. We've heard about your vacations, the places you like to party, and we know more than enough about Kate's fashions to want to take her shopping.

We've accompanied you on the journey of your relationship, shared your highs and lows. As you may note, many of us were completely devastated by the news of your break up in April 2007 and were relieved when it was reported that you were both together again. Thus reassuring us that we hadn't wasted time speculating.

But enough is enough. We're tired of waiting and the coy 'wait and see' from you, William. Please put us out of our misery so that we may begin speculating on where you will get married and what wedding dress you, Kate, will wear. Your wedding is guaranteed to bring joy to many royal watchers. Not to mention the schaudenfreude for the Kate-haters who doubted your true love. That is, if they haven't jumped off a cliff in despair by that point.

Kate, I don't know how you have continued to have the patience. People have torn you and your family apart but yet you've never breathed a word about your relationship. You deserve a happy ending. And so do we.

Reports say that June 3rd or 4th is the day of the big announcement. This, William, would fit in with your comments about waiting until you are 28 or 30 to get married as you will turn 28 on June 21st. Your grandmother is said to have 300 bottles of vintage champagne on ice. Could this be for the big announcement? We can only hope so. Because we've waited long enough.

Right Kate?

© Marilyn Braun 2010

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