Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Royal & The Clueless - Episode 18

On the last episode of The Royal and The Clueless, Kate Middleton and her smouldering co-worker Enrique went shopping in the hopes of getting Prince William's attention. Kate, left behind on William's tour of New Zealand and Australia, follows the coverage intently, especially after William makes a telling remark. Kate rushes over to Enrique with the newspaper in hand.

Kate: Look Enrique, William accepted gifts for me from the crowd! And when one woman asked him whether he would be getting married soon he said 'Wait and See'! Oh, let's go shopping for a wedding dress!

Delighted, Kate twirls around and looks off into the dreamy distance as Enrique continues reading.

Enrique: Wait. A day later William was asked what he wanted for lunch and he said 'wait and see'.

Kate: Well, he's always been somewhat indecisive. But he still said 'wait and see' for marriage plans...

Enrique: You mean he can't even decide what he wants for lunch?

Kate: Yes, sometimes it's best not to give William too many choices. He tends to get overwhelmed. One time, we went out to a club and he couldn't decide what he wanted to drink. We didn't get out of there until 2:00AM.

Enrique: And you actually want to marry this guy?

Kate looks anxious, her brow furrowed and her lips forming a pout.

Kate: He has to make up his mind at some point..this can't go on forever...can it?

Enrique gets up and goes to Kate, holding her close.

Enrique: You deserve better, Kate. Run away with me, you know you want to.

Just then Prince William comes to Kate's home bearing gifts he was given on his tour. He sees Kate in Enrique's clutches.

William: Kate!

Kate: William!

Enrique: Kate!

Kate looks at William and then at Enrique, then back at William.

Will Kate be forced to choose between William and Enrique? Will Enrique be written out for making things too complicated...

Enrique: Hey....

Wait and see on the next episode of The Royal & The Clueless

© Marilyn Braun 2010

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