Saturday, November 22, 2008

The Royal Report for Sunday November 23rd, 2008 - A Salute to Prince Charles at 60

On this episode I saluted Prince Charles, discussed the infamous Cherry-Brandy incident, Camilla-gate, my feet, and some revealing photographs Prince William.

You can download the podcast here.

Publications mentioned:

Hello! Canada No 107 December 1 2008

People Magazine Sexiest Man Alive! Issue

The Prince of Wales - A biography by Jonathan Dimbleby

Websites mentioned

The Official Site for the Prince of Wales

Royal Insight - Test your knowledge of the Prince of Wales

Interesting links

The Queen in Flares - Judge for Yourself. Is this her?

Anyone with a picture of Kate's feet send it to... (Note I was having an off foot day when I took this photo. And it was supposed to be a joke)

Tune in to the next Royal Report on Sunday November 30th, 2008 9:00PM EST (North America)

The topic will be: Prince William was once asked in an interview about his private life and he replied that his private life was between him and himself. Is this realistic?

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