Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Royal & The Clueless - Episode 5

On the last episode of the Royal & The Clueless Kate had a visit from royal girlfriends past and present. We also learnt that William snores. On this episode, Kate goes to Peter Phillips and Autumn Kelly's wedding, standing in for Prince William, who is having a perfectly innocent visit to his childhood sweetheart, Jecca Craig, in Kenya. Kate vows to herself to change her image and decides to have people call her Catherine instead.Currently, Kate mingles at the wedding reception. Kate approaches Peter and Autumn in the receiving line.

Kate: Congratulations on your day. You look lovely. And the mini-doughnuts are an inspired choice.

Autumn: Thank you Kitty

Kate: Actually it's Catherine

Autumn moves on to another guest. Peter greets Kate next.

Peter: Hello Kat, so lovely you could make it.

Kate: Thank you Peter. I'd love it if people would call me Catherine from now on.

Peter: No problem Katie.

Kate approaches Prince Philip. Although contrary to popular belief, not mandatory in any way, Kate curtsies.

Prince Philip: Hello Kit

Kate: Actually it's Catherine sir. I'm trying to revert back to my real name - Catherine - Kate is just a nickname...

Prince Philip walks away

Prince Philip: I don't need a bloody lesson you know.

Kate grows increasingly more frustrated. Chelsy Davy approaches Kate.

Chelsy: Hello Cassi

Kate: It's Catherine

Chelsy: What?

Kate: Call me Catherine! I want people to call me CATHERINE!

Chelsy: (looks around, embarassed) Calm down Trina


Will people ever call Kate by the name Catherine? Will we ever find out what the Queen really thinks of the Hello magazine photos? Tune in to the next episode of The Royal & The Clueless.

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