Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Warning: Marrying into the royal family could be hazardous to your family's privacy

She's movie star beautiful. It's not difficult to see why people are interested in her. She's not a public figure, nor is she royal. Telma Ortiz is the sister of Crown Princess Letizia of Spain and she recently went to court to seek a restraining order against 50 media outlets covering her. A judge denied her request, stating that she was indeed a public figure. In effect, Telma lost her right to privacy.

She's not the first person in proximity to a royal to become the focus of media attention, nor will she be the last. Unfortunately the focus isn't normally on their accomplishments. The late Diana, Princess of Wales' brother, Earl Spencer became the subject of intense scrutiny, especially in the wake of his relationships, tumultuous first marriage and brief second one. His electrifying eulogy at Diana's funeral further raised his profile.

Sarah, Duchess of York's father, the late Major Ronald Ferguson became tabloid fodder for a visit to a massage parlour. He moved in royal circles for years as Prince Charles' polo manager. But it wasn't until his daughter married Prince Andrew in 1986 that he became public property.

Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall's son Tom Parker Bowles had a run in with the law after he was found in possession of cocaine. Kate Middleton's mother chewed gum at Prince William's passing out parade at Sandhurst. Suddenly she became a manipulative mother intent on getting her daughter to the royal altar by any means necessary. If she wasn't doing so already.

Now that the wedding is over, Autumn Kelly's family and friends have become casualties with revelations of her twin brother 'smoking a distinctly suspicious looking cigarette'. In the absence of any real controversy, publishing unflattering photos of one of her friends in the Daily Mail will suffice.

Telma Ortiz's request for a restraining order 'backfired' on her. According to a Time magazine article*: "She's going to get exactly what she didn't want, which is to become more famous." What did she do wrong? She tried to prevent coverage from all media outlets. Who does she think she is?

Someone who, like the examples above, didn't ask for this attention.

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colbymarshall said...

She's going to get exactly what she didn't want, which is to become more famous."

Or, alternatively, they could leave her alone, lol!

Marilyn Braun said...

I had thought of that too. But nah, that would make too much sense wouldn't it?

Anonymous said...

After Princess Diana's death there was so much talk about (somehow) curbing the paparazzi, but now it seems they're more aggressive than ever.

Marilyn Braun said...

Yes, and they feel completely entitled to be as aggressive as they are. Sometimes I don't think people learnt anything from Diana's death.