Thursday, April 19, 2007

Candidates for Prince William's hand

Kate Middleton isn't even cold and already speculation has started on who will be on the commemorative china with him. While having tea in the old mugs, Woolworth's must be gleefully rubbing its hands together. Yes, maybe the next relationship will last!

In August 2005 I posted a list of potential royal brides should things not work out with Kate. At the time, he was dating her so he probably wouldn't have taken this list very seriously. Of course, now that Prince William is single again, he may want to take a closer look. Since the original list the availability has changed somewhat, Christina is married and Britney is divorced, but he still has plenty of choice. Of course, he could choose from a bevy of blonde aristocratic ladies with multi-hyphenated names bigger than their collective IQ's. But why not consider someone different?

Chelsey Davy: She can trade up if she gets tired of Prince Harry

Jennifer Aniston: Take that Brad!

Pamela Anderson: Blonde cougars have more fun

Paris Hilton: Looks good on video and rich enough that he doesn't have to worry about her marrying him for his money.

Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen: I still maintain that it would be useful to have a bride with a twin sister. When he wants a change, he could swap them out. But if I were him I'd choose the cleaner looking of the two, Mary-Kate.*

Lindsay Lohan: He'd have someone to party with. But she might drink him under the table.

Princess Madeleine of Sweden: They'd look so good together we'd be jealous of their unborn babies.

Princess Beatrice: [Insert collective ewwww] If he wants to keep it in the same gene pool. At one point royals did marry their first cousins. No, really it's true! Which could explain quite a bit now.

Heather Mills-McCartney: She seems to like them rich and old. Hopefully William does too.

Kylie Minogue: A forerunner on the UK bookmakers list. But could she blow the corgi's out of the room like Christina?

Britney Spears: Well, maybe not a potential bride. But with the head shaving incident he could add her to his list of charities.

Christina Aguilera: She's married at the moment but that'll change. On the plus side, she doesn't have as much baggage as Britney.

Princess Theodora of Greece: If he wants to keep it in the family

There, now Prince William can't complain that he doesn't have any choice. He can thank me with an invitiation to his wedding.

© Marilyn Braun 2007

* I stand corrected. Apparently Ashley is the cleaner looking of the two!

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No worries Marilyn!! I run that site and I can hardly tell them apart!

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