Thursday, September 22, 2005

Royal Profile Subjects

Occasionally I ask myself, (well, actually it was only this morning) why do I choose the subjects that I do for my royal profiles? After all, most people wouldn't go looking for Prince Michael of Kent or Princess Alice, Countess of Althone, or even David Linley for that matter - although some do, which is great. However, it seems that whenever someone is searching for information on a royal, it tends to be Diana, the Queen, Camilla, Charles, William, etc. Shouldn't I make my blog more informative and timely by writing seriously about these people?

Well, to focus exclusively on them would be a shame; it would be ignoring the personal history of the family. The royal family comes from a long line of fascinating people, and not to dismiss the ones BV (Before Victoria), but my main interest is in Queen Victoria's time to the present. I will occasionally mention (ok, more than occasionally) Charles, Camilla and Harry, especially when they've done something I can spoof but that's about it. I have my standards. Diana, of course, isn't doing much these days so if I do cover her, it's either for comparison purposes, or it's relevant, such as the recent anniversary of her death.

There are royals, such as the Duchess of Gloucester, who we rarely hear about and not much is known. The Princess Royal works very hard but because she's not glamorous, she's not given the notice she deserves. Some of the people I write about are relatively obscure but no less interesting. Princess Patricia was very popular in her day, and the circumstances that led to the end of Princess Marie Louise's marriage were considered scandalous in Victorian times.

I genuinely love writing about royalty and I try very hard to keep the profiles factual and stay away from rumour and conjecture. If I can't substantiate the information in some way, I don't include it in the article. So in conclusion, I hope you enjoy the royal profiles as much as I enjoy researching and writing them.

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