Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Green Eyes and Jam

Finally, a member of the royal family has done something to write about! Thank god for undercover reporters who dress up as sheikhs to get minor royals to make controversial comments. He has entrapped a royal before, Sophie, the Countess of Wessex, was his first unwitting victim. However, her indiscretions just pale in comparison to the revelations of Princess Michael of Kent.

Of all of the comments she has made, this one just has gone too far. After all of these years, does she still need to go for the jugular? Send yet another royal into a seething rage? You may now wonder, what she has she done this time?

She criticized Prince Charles' jam. Now it's personal.

Out of the many things I have done, there is one thing I would never do; dis someone's preserves. No matter how questionable something tastes or is made, you should never take it to a public forum and broadcast it to the world. Not only is it bad manners it's also not appropriate; let other people find out for themselves.

I don't want to rush to any judgement; to be fair I haven't tried either person's jam. Mainly because I probably couldn't afford it and also because I have plenty of homemade jam in my pantry. Although I'm not a huge fan of raspberries, if I did decide to choose between the two, in a blindfolded taste test I would probably go with the more homemade one. No doubt made with the loving care of underpaid servants. However, I might be lured by the feeling of the label to think that it's better quality; see here for yourself, doesn't it make your mouth water?

I don't see what the problem is; don't we all make snippy comments about our relatives when they've stayed too long at our house? Aren't we all offered homemade jam that we end up passing on to other people? Those ubiquitous 'sources' say that Prince Charles is 'furious' and will confront the Princess. I would buy tickets to that dressing down. Maybe he'll send her packing with a lifetime supply, that would fix her!

Until I started this blog I never really paid much attention to Princess Michael (wife of Prince Michael of Kent). While the other royals are behaving themselves, I appreciate her so much more. After all I can't keep writing informative royal profiles forever now can I?

This is not the first time she's made disparaging comments towards her family, so it's no surprise. We will never understand 'Princess Pushys' motives; is she naturally malicious? Green with envy? Misunderstood? Or just brutally honest?

One thing is for certain, she's always entertaining.

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Anonymous said...

The Queen and Prince Charles are so often reported to be "furious" about this or that. I don't know how their hearts and blood pressure can stand the constant state of fury! I think reporters just enjoy imagining them red-faced and stomping, steam coming out of their royal ears...