Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Recommended Royalty Sites

Not that long ago, I was asked what sites I go to for information on royalty. There are several that I check out and you may notice that I have a list of links on the bottom left hand side that include official and unofficial sites. If you would like very detailed information of members of a royal family and its history, the official sites are wonderful; I especially recommend the British, Danish and Dutch sites.
For the unofficial, there are many sites online, lots of them dedicated to Diana, William, Harry, Beatrice, Charles, etc; if you're a fan of a specific royal then these are great. I haven't included these sites in this posting, as some of them are a list in themselves. Most royalty webpage’s have lists of links and sometimes it can be difficult to gauge the sites and what information it offers. Although there are lots of sites for various royal families, my main interest is in British royalty, so I have compiled a list that includes descriptive information about the site. In no particular order:
World of Royalty - I confess I'm biased when it comes to this site since I visit it everyday. However, if you go on almost any royalty site and look in their links you will find it listed, which I think says a great deal about it. This site is a one stop shopping for any updates on world royalty, with individual pages for the various royal families. Each page gives some history of that royal family, helpfully including books on the subjects. Great message board. Listed in Burkes Peerage page of links. This site has it's own companion blog: http://worldofroyalty.typepad.com/blog/
Mandy's British Royalty 'Bringing you the best in British Royalty'. Another site listed on almost all royalty website links. If you're interested exclusively in British royalty this is the site to go to. Lots of good profiles of the members of the royal family along with some very good articles on jewels, ceremonial events, royal residences, and speeches. Another site that also has it's own blog: http://www.royaljournal.blogspot.com/
Etoile's Unofficial Royalty Pages - One thing that makes this site rather unique is that it has regular columnists who write about royalty subjects. The articles are informative, and thought provoking. Also has pages devoted specific royal families and it's own royal forum message board. This site is listed on Canadian Monarchist Online as the 'Web's premier royal news page.'
The Royal Archive: This site was down for about a month but thankfully it's back online. Another page I visit everyday. Instead of links, it takes the news of the day and puts it into detailed articles. Mainly covers British royalty news. Also has a very good message board.
Vivat Regina: While browsing for sites to put on this list I discovered this one and I think it's a gem. Not a news site but it does have nice sections on Elizabeth II's coronation, the ceremony, guests, detailed pictures of the coronation dress, along with biographies of the Queen, Queen Mother, Prince Philip and Princess Margaret.
If you can suggest other sites related to British royalty, please feel free to comment!
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Anonymous said...

Marilyn, thank you so much for your kind comments about my site. Thank you also for the Vivat Regina link -- I hadn't seen that site before. I've linked to it from my Elizabeth II page.

The alt.talk.royalty FAQ page is a great resource on British royalty. Its URL is:

Marilyn Braun said...

Wow! Impressive amount of information! I have added it to my royalty links. Thank you :o)