Thursday, March 31, 2005

Prince Charles - Royal Sex Symbol

Yes ladies, in a weeks time the Prince of Wales will be officially off the market [insert global groans here]. I know..I's a disappointment isn't it? We can't help but be happy for him but the announcement of his upcoming marriage must be tempered with the heartbreak over what could have been if only we had waited out the whole Camilla thing. The problem was that we waited too long. Didn't we think we had plenty of time between 1996 and 2005? Aren't you just kicking yourself with regret?

At one point Charles was considered to be the 'most eligible man in the world'. As anyone so close in line for the throne, it is his fate to have women fall in love with him. He is no doubt a besieged sex symbol, aware of his power over women and modest in the presence of women screaming as if he was a popstar.He is known as a chivalrous suitor, never boasting of all of his conquests with his "Charlie's Angels". A prince and a gentleman.

Despite all of the tabloid reports, between Charles and Diana, I'm sure there were some women out there who held and continue to hold, a torch for him. It would be extremely hard to resist his charms. What with the whole 'heir to the throne' thing going for him and then in the 1970's the 'Action Man' tag. He's educated, wealthy, a deep thinker, and he has a certain rugged maculine appeal. How could anyone possibly resist his charms? Besides doesn't everyone just love a man in uniform?

Once the whole Diana fiasco was over with he went back to his status. Now I agree, his appeal is not of the same quality as the late John F. Kennedy Jr. but it was still there all along. After the unfortunate accident where Kennedy, his wife and sister-in-law died in 1999 the focus once again turned to Charles. Forget all of those 'Sexiest Man Alive' titles, People magazine was overlooking a gem in the rough. Movie starts will fade away, but as a member of the best known royal family in the world, Charles will always have a place in the history books.

Now the focus goes to Prince William; whom he's dating, whom he will marry. We can only hope that he will have the same sex appeal as his father.

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