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Royal Review: Very British Baby Knits by Susan Campbell

Like her mother, Princess Charlotte recently caused a stir with one of her outfits. When Princess Charlotte left hospital, she was wearing a handmade knitted bonnet by Irulea and her official photographs released later in the month featured the matching outfit by the same designer. While these items are lovely, the $260 price tag for the complete outfit might be a deterrent for even the most devoted royal baby watcher. Fortunately, there are some wonderfully royal themed alternatives.

Very British Baby Knits 30 Designs fit for a royal baby features five collections designed by Susan Campbell, a 'veteran in the design of baby clothes' . The 30 designs are comprised of familiar items such as hats, booties, cardigans and the like to keep your own baby snug and warm. The author has charmingly included a pattern to make your own knitted bunny with tiny matching outfits from each collection to go with them.

Each of the five collections is inspired by a royal residence and thoughtful consideration has gone into each set.

Anmer Hall mimics the Duchess of Cambridge's style, ''not fussy' and easy to wear but, at the same time modern and trendy.'

The Balmoral collection for baby girls is more romantic with 'tiny flowers and colors that blend in with the prolific Scottish heathers' on the estate.

The pure new wool Highgrove collection in cream and grey, 'remind us of natural, undyed fleece and the use of garter stich evokes thoughtful country textures.'

Sandringham collection features 'stripes that mimic the ploughed fields of Norfolk' and a 'splash of  gold to celebrate the yearly appearance of the wild golden asphodel which grows on the estate.'

Windsor was inspired by the castle and the  Order of the Garter: 'the twisted cable on the sweater symbolizes eternal chivalry and the smart royal blue cardigan speaks of sobriety and honor.'

Anmer Hall and Windsor patterns recommend using blue colors, while the pretty pink Balmoral set would be adorable on a baby girl. However, if the parents-to-be do not announce their baby's gender in advance, you cannot go wrong with the Highgrove and Sandringham collections featuring the more unisex colors of cream, beige, white and gold.

The book is very well organized, beautifully photographed and the patterns are easy to follow. A highly recommended addition to any devoted knitters pattern collection.

Click on the following link to purchase Very British Baby Knits: 30 Stylish Designs Fit for a Royal Baby.

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