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Royal Book Challenge: Alice - Princess Andrew of Greece by Hugo Vickers

Book 62/500
Alice - Princess Andrew of Greece by Hugo Vickers
477 Pages
Published 2000
ISBN: 0312302398

Born Princess Alice of Battenberg, she was the daughter of Victoria Marchioness of Milford Haven, sister of Queen Louise of Sweden  and a great-granddaughter of Queen Victoria. Considered one of the most beautiful royals of her time, Princess Alice could have attempted to rely on her royal title to carry her through life. Instead, inspired by her aunt, Grand Duchess Ella, she chose to help those in greatest need, courageously hiding a Jewish family during the war and founding her own religious order. She faced uncertainty, tragedy, enforced exile, mental illness and the threat of her husband, Prince Andrew of Greece's execution. Along the way she had five children, four girls and one boy - the present Duke of Edinburgh.

Her life story tends to be defined by little more than her deafness, mental illness, eccentric habits and connection to others. Alice - Princess Andrew of Greece by Hugo Vickers, provides a more well rounded picture of this fascinating, courageous and remarkable woman.

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