Thursday, July 16, 2015

Let's try this again - The Royal Book Challenge!

A few years ago I made a crazy New Years resolution to read every book in my royal collection, cover to cover, then write a blog post it. As with many new years resolutions, it fell by the wayside as I struggled to keep up. It was harder than I thought. Not that it stopped me from collecting more royal books! Since the resolution was made I think I have added another 100. Including the ones I have already read and reviewed (but not labeled as part of the challenge) I think I made it to 60 of 500 books.

Now, I have decided to revive the goal again to give myself something to blog about between major news stories. I can't guarantee I will be able to do it on a weekly basis, but I will try to work ahead so that it doesn't become overwhelming or compete with real world commitments.

I hope you enjoy an overview of each of my royal books and maybe even find something you enjoy enough to add to your own royal book collection.

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