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Royal Book Challenge: In Public View The Nation's Snapshots of The Royal Family

Published 1984
200 Pages

For a as long as the camera has been in existence, members of the public have taken photographs of the royal family. This book, published in 1984, harks back to a bygone era before selfies and delete buttons, where cameras used rolls of film instead of memory cards. When the roll came to an end, you needed to wind it while it was still in the camera, remove the roll, get into your car and drop it off at a store. Then, on top of all of that, you needed to wait a week for the film to be developed! Then you had to get back in your car and pick up the photos, wondering whether any of them had turned out. No doubt a suspenseful experience for people taking photographs of the royal family. How would this once in a lifetime moment turn out? Blurry? Fuzzy? Would your finger photo-bomb? Or would you have a proud photograph you could later submit for publication in this book?

In Public View - The Nation's Snapshots of The Royal Family, published in a association with The Sunday People features photographs by hundreds of amateur photographers capturing these special moments from the reign of King George V to members of the royal family circa 1984 - The Queen and Prince Philip, The Queen Mother, Charles and Diana, Princess Margaret, Princess Alexandra, Duke and Duchess of Kent, Prince Andrew, Prince Edward, Prince and Princess Michael, Princess Anne and Mark Phillips as well as a few of Lord Louis Mountbatten.  There is no special lighting, posing or flattering camera angles. They capture happy interactions with the public and there are even photos of Princess Anne smiling!

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