Sunday, July 19, 2015

Keep Calm, the Queen's track record speaks for itself

20 seconds of eight decade old film. You would think everything the Queen had accomplished in her lifetime would come crashing down as a result of it.

Truth be told, to our modern eyes, The Sun's footage featuring the seven year old Princess Elizabeth, her mother, the Duchess of York, Princess Margaret and their Uncle David, the future King Edward VIII, performing the Nazi salute is shocking.  Given what we know about Uncle David, it is no surprise. It is surprising and riveting to see the future Queen doing so. No doubt about it.

Buckingham Palace was quick to issue a statement in her defense. Tweets and articles defending the Queen followed suit, along with more politically correct wartime images to counter it. As if it would change anything.

The Queen's was a child in the footage and holding her to account for it is absurd. No one in their right mind would countenance the thought. The Sun itself recognizes this.

The next time someone rushes to defend her, they would be wise to remember that 20 seconds of old footage does not negate the Queen's unquestionable lifetime of dedicated service.

Come what may, her track record will always speak for itself.

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