Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Question: Prince William and Prince Harry - Peace Makers?

I was thinking about the recent (media) strife HRH William & HRH Harry have gotten in & how their family prefers them challenging their efforts in defense forces, & as a hypothetical was wondering how possible (if they wanted 2) either of the Princes "taking" U.S. president Barack Obama place in The Israeli–Palestinian peace talks?
No, it's unlikely that either Prince William or Prince Harry would be able to, as you say, 'take the place' of President Obama in these talks.

The main reason for this is that as they are members of the British royal family; they cannot do anything to make the monarch look partial to a particular side. The Queen has to be strictly neutral. By remaining so, the Queen provides a sense of stability and continuity in times of political and social changes. Members of the royal family support the Queen, which is the reason why you don't see any member of the family involved in politics.

In regards to Prince's William and Harry's involvement in the defense forces, they are following a long-standing tradition within the family. At one point, a military career for princes was seen as the best possible occupation for them. However, this training would not, in any way, make them qualified to involve themselves in these types of discussions. Also, with their recent actions in the media - landing helicopters in their girlfriend's backyard, or in Harry's case - wearing pink nail-polish and being photographed in a wig and a bra - it doesn't instill confidence in any abilities they might have given the opportunity. In my opinion I feel safer leaving these issues to the professionals.

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Lucy said...

Yes...better left to the professionals:)

Marilyn Braun said...

The idea of them being involved is really rather frightening when you think about it...*shudder*