Wednesday, April 16, 2008

"I Hate Kate Middleton"

It's a sentiment shared by several royal watchers.

What's there to really like about her anyways?

Every public figure has their dissenters. People who will never like them no matter what they say, do, date, don't date, or who they marry. Whether due to envy, jealousy, or just because. Many people simply don't like her.

To each their own.

Is Kate here to stay? Is her mother manipulating the situation? Scheming to get her daughter a golden page in the history books? Quite possibly. Is Kate just biding her time until Prince William realizes she won't leave him alone until he capitulates?

Has William been duped? Brainwashed? Will we ever know? During the engagement interview will we see the sheer terror in his eyes hidden behind the forced smile? A desperate 'rescue me' escapes his pursed lips as Kate tightens the leash she hides in his bespoke suit. Yes this is the stuff which modern day fairy tales are made.

In the sheer jubilation of the Kate supporters will we even care? The 'I hate Kate' contingent will be drowned out by wedding dress speculation. Happily ever after rhetoric will follow. Maybe Kate has duped us all.

Like Diana, Kate inevitably fell from grace. You can only coast on fashionable clothes and glossy hair for so long. When did it start? Was it quitting her job at Jigsaw to pursue photography? Was it her mother and 'Toiletgate'? Was it one too many media harassment complaints? Is she too Sloaney? Has she gone to Boujis too many times?

When news of their break-up was announced, their relationship was dissected - whose fault was it? Most believe William ditched Kate. After all, who would dump royalty? Obviously Kate wasn't good enough. She must have put too much pressure on William. The only one who could have told us was Kate, who, to her credit, didn't sell her story. When their relationship resumed, Kate was still seen as scheming and manipulative. She just can't win.

Maybe Kate is wasting her education. Maybe she did quit her job prematurely and her photography is an amusing foil. Or maybe it is true love. Believe whatever you want. Everyone is entitled to their opinion of her.

The wisest move Kate can make is to not listen to it.

© Marilyn Braun 2008

Note: This post is meant to be ironic. For the record, I don't hate Kate. To read more about her, visit The Kate Middleton Report.


Patricia said...

i hate kate middleton. She hadn't made profesional effort, she didn't work at anything. She was just waiting for her prince to ask to married her, waiting for her money. Since she was 11 she had william's poster on her bedroom and her only purpose in life has been married him. She just want to get a better social status as well as her family

Unknown said...

i don't like her too. recently i just had a little bit of fighting with one of kate's supporter. i post in on my fb that i don't like her. i wrote "i don't like kate middleton by the way. think william made the wrong choice" and it pissed her off. i don't care. i genuinely cannot forced myself to even like her. she doesn't have the aura. all i see was a skinny barbie doll. i know it was not her. she's faking her smile. i can feel it.

flowersalways said...

ME 222....I hate kate so much..Oh! come on, she didn't marry william out of love...She wanted to be the Princess.. thats all... Now she has got her mission accomplished.. Kudos to you Kate.. The difference between Diana and Kate is that Diana wanted Love, Life , Relationships but Kate wanted Fame and Royalty,