Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Royal and The Clueless - Episode 3

On the last episode, William and Kate discussed their relationship before heading off to a make or break holiday, where they continued talking. Now they are in Klosters, the skiing playground of the rich and famous, favorite ski-resort to Prince Charles, and according to the official website: those hungry for discovery.

Presently, William and Kate sit in the car riding up to the top of the hill. Unbeknownst to Kate, Jecca Craig is riding along. William uncomfortably sits between them.

Kate: (noticing Jecca for the first time) What are you doing here?

Jecca: I'm on holiday. (Jecca notices William for the first time) Oh William, fancy meeting you here!

William: (to Kate) Jecca, this is Kate, my girlfriend. Kate this is my good friend Jecca.

Jecca: (her hair blows in the wind) Yes, we're very good friends, aren't we William?

Kate: (Testy) I see. William, wasn't Camilla a 'good friend' of your father?

William is uncomfortable. They're riding in a double chair-lift.

Jecca: (to Kate) Yes, William is very loyal.

Kate: (to Jecca) Stay away from my man!

Jecca: (to Kate) Make me!

Kate lunges at Jecca. The double chair-lift starts to sway dangerously.

William: Ladies, please!

Kate and Jecca take no notice and push him into the retention bar, which knocks the wind out of William. Kate attempts to climb behind William to get at Jecca. The women continue fighting, not noticing that the rope is coming loose from the track. Suddenly the rope gives way and the one side of the car with Jecca on it drops, perilously dangling. William grabs hold of Jecca, holding on for dear life.

Jecca (to William) Don't let me go!!

Kate: (to William) Let her go! Then we can finally be together!

Jecca starts to slip from William's grip.

Jecca: Don't let me go!!

Will William let Jecca go? Or will it be an unfortunate accident? What, if anything, does Prince Philip have to do with this? Tune in to the next episode of The Royal & The Clueless.

© Marilyn Braun 2008

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