Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Is Kate Middleton too upwardly mobile?

Minus the evil step-mother, step-sisters, relentless servitude, and fashion savvy mice, it should have been a Cinderella story. The handsome Prince had finally found the woman of his dreams: beautiful, photogenic, stylish, and very patient. And this woman, had found the man of her dreams: titled, rich, socially prominent, and handsome. A love story if there ever was one.

However, other than his title they really have very little in common with the traditional tale. Many even go as far as to say that she schemed her way into Prince William's heart. Cinderella was just a dreamer, looking longingly at the palace as she cleaned house. She didn't apply to the same university as Prince William, or model a diaphanous outfit in front of him. No Cinderelly had sheer luck going for her when her fairy godmother magically appeared in her life.

Modern Cinderella wannabes need more than sheer luck. They need determination and ambitious mothers who see the long-range picture. Mothers who then need to back off and let columnists spin the relationship into a fairytale. Columnists who then turn her daughter into the ideal future princess and inevitable royal bride if only Prince Charming would make up his mind. The ball is now an exclusive club with expensive drinks. Today's glass slipper is now a stylish Jimmy Choo with a three-inch heel; ready to step on anyone who gets in her way. Cinderella never looked so good.

And she only had to contend with her step-mother and step-sisters. Kate Middleton has to deal with something far more virulent: jealous royal watchers who viciously tear her apart for her fashion choices, background, and continued prescence in William's life. A new show called 'William and Kate - A Royal Romance' tackles these snooty royal watchers and palace snoops, with James Hewitt, Diana's one-time toyboy, chiming in for good measure.

Maybe the truth will finally be revealed. More than likely not. But isn't it fun to speculate?

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