Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Is Chelsy Davy 'The One' for us?

Ever since Prince William and Kate Middleton broke up, it's inevitable that the focus would have turned to the future of Prince Harry and Chelsy Davy's relationship. Or has it?

Despite being the 'only British royal girlfriend left standing,' one label that is rarely used in relation to Chelsy is 'royal bride.' This term seemed inextricably linked to Kate. Regardless of whether Prince Harry regards her as 'his one true love,' Chelsy is invariably described as the bleached blonde, 'fag* smoking South African boozer' and according to the catty set, 'who can't even spell her own name'.

Everyone liked Kate and the path was clear. Only Prince William had to cooperate. When he didn't, Kate no longer had anything to show for five years of ladylike patience and restraint. And neither did we. Chelsy unabashedly canoodles with her man, buys him a tacky £20,000 diamond encrusted watch and stays the course. What did we do wrong?

Who knew Chelsy would last as long as she has? Whereas we welcomed Kate with open arms, and the royal family did too. Chelsy seems to be lucky if we'll let her near the door. She may be rich but that can't buy our love. And maybe that's for the best as she doesn't seem to care.

Do we approve? Should we approve? Chelsy may be a wonderful person, but offering out approval betrays all that we made Kate out to be - 'The One'. If we settle for Chelsy, what does that say about us? Can we really picture her in the extravagant dress, on the balcony, filling the void left by her predecessors? Should Chelsy make it that far, will we let her have a happy ending? For all our initial love for Diana and Fergie, knowing us, it's unlikely.

Is Chelsy 'The One'? We'll let Prince Harry know.

© Marilyn Braun 2007

* fag is British slang for cigarette


royalrichfamous said...

nice post there marilyn though i dont agree with it personally.

'She may be rich but that can't buy our love. And maybe that's for the best as she doesn't seem to care.'

she doesnt need our love she needs harry's love and she's got that. Kate probably focused too much on getting 'our' love.

while i feel really bad for kate i did honestly view her as someone who was not so real, like chelsy for instance.

Marilyn Braun said...

RRF, I think you're missing the point of the article. It's not about whether Harry loves Chelsy, it's about whether WE do. It's not about her money, it's about the fact that nothing she can do, such as metaphorically buying our love, can change the view that we seem to have of her.

Like Diana, with Kate Middleton, we all seemed bent on getting her to the altar, whether or not she was the right one for William. Because we liked her, we thought she was the right one for him. This is about what WE thought. It could be the same with Chelsy, regardless of how Harry feels, but we don't seem to approve of her, therefore in our eyes, she isn't 'The One'.

Chelsy, while you regard her as 'real' is not royal bride material.* She could be the most wonderful person in the world but I doubt she'd even be a consideration. No amount of money can change that. Love does not conquer all where the line of succession is concerned. She's a fling. Her money may have allowed her entry into Harry's life but that's about it. Royal watchers, whether that includes you or not, seem to view her in a derogatory way. It seems that we will never like her, or accept her, no matter what she does. You only need to look at articles written about her to see that.

I'm neither pro-Kate or anti-Chelsy but in my view Kate Middleton was far more real than Chelsy. Unlike her, Kate looks like she has to find her OWN way in the world. Which makes her very real, because that's what most adults have to do.

I don't believe that Kate ever focused on getting our approval. She was a girl who went about her life and happened to be dating Prince William. Who she really is/was is completely incidental to what we wanted her to be. I don't think we'd ever heard her speak in public and suddenly she's the perfect woman for William. We projected a story on to her. Just like we've done with Chelsy. Unfortunately it's a negative one.

* However, having said that Chelsy is not royal bride material, I'm sure Mette-Marit of Norway, as a single mother with a child from a convicted drug dealer, wasn't seen as royal bride material either. Now she's the future Queen. So, what do I know about these things!

Anonymous said...

Well it's very wise to not get in the way of Harry's relationship with Chelsy. We will only have to wait to see what's going to happen with them. We don't even know how William's relationship with Kate will turn out in the future. It's best to leave their private lives alone. It's none of our business. It's sad that people want to see a wedding like Charles Diana's so quickly. Don't forget The Countess of Wessex was involved in the Royal family years before she became engaged with Prince Edward. Everybody just back off and let them decided what they are going to do. Too much damage has been done to William & kates relationship due to too much speculation. Although there is still hope for them.

Marilyn Braun said...

Yes, you're right, it is none of our business, but it's part of the royal soap opera the media have created so we pay attention. Even the fact that people are saying that William and Kate will get back together (or never broke up) is all part of that. What else is there in the British royal world to pay attention to? I don't think that William can be pressured into a marriage, like his father was, he seems like he's made of much stronger stuff than that.

Anonymous said...

Yes that is true that William will not be pressured into marriage. But that is what has to come to a end the "Royal Soap Oprea". These people relationships suffer like everyone eles's and it is very hard to go through that in the publics eye. It is very fair to say that William's relationship with Kate is not hopeless and we don't know what will happen with Harry's relationship with Chelsy. Personally I have to say that Kate & Chelsy are very attractive women and the Princes are very lucky to have them in their lives. I pray that things will turn out great for all of them and may they all be happy together. But if the public continues to get into their private lives, we will just end up with another Charles & Diana saga. God please don't let that happen.

Marilyn Braun said...

Sometimes it seems that the public doesn't want to leave well enough alone. We seem to forget that these are real people, not characters on Grey's Anatomy.

The Prince's are very lucky to have found two level headed girls, I especially think it says a lot for Kate that she isn't rushing out to cash in on her relationship with William. It shows that Kate is a class act.

But ultimately, whoever they do marry, the marriage will follow the same pattern as any soap opera. I wrote an article about this a while ago: As the Tiara turns

royalrichfamous said...

"This is about what WE thought. It could be the same with Chelsy, regardless of how Harry feels, but we don't seem to approve of her, therefore in our eyes, she isn't 'The One'."

i dont understand what you mean by 'we'? If its your own opinion obviously you would say 'i'....

the 'we' implies the opinion of the public, of fans of who? and how can you say with such certainty that everybody always agreed that kate was 'the one'

Marilyn Braun said...

'how can you say with such certainty that everybody always agreed that kate was 'the one''

RRF, you may want to read the coverage of their relationship prior to their break-up to see what the general consensus was.

Anonymous said...

Some of us may feel that Chelsy is the one for Harry.

Marilyn Braun said...

That's what makes the world go round, a difference of opinion.

cutelove28 said...

Nice post there Marilyn and I agree with you.Who knows,Chelsea might have been like planning all along,which doesn't mean I'm saying she is.Prince Harry as the prince will always be in the spotlight and if she can't cope with that then I suggest we shouldn't really approve of her.She should be willing to stay and be with him no matter what,and being a princess is not about wearing nice clothes,its about the duty,responsibility and sacrifice she has to made for the country.And if she can't give up hr career and marry Prince Harry and is not willing to sacrifice herself then I think Prince Harry should rather marry another girl even a foreign princess who knows more about duty,responsibility and sacrifice than Chelsea.

Well,its just my opinion and I'm not saying you should all agree but this is my position.Chelsea is nothing like Kate who is willing to go through anything for William,his family and the country.

Marilyn Braun said...

Chelsy has always struck me as being independant. And that's really not a good quality to have when you need to walk 2 paces behind your husband for the rest of your life.

Chelsy is also young too. I've never gotten the impression that they would get married - though who knows, right?

Prince Harry doens't look like he's in any hurry to settle down. Though now that William is married, Prince Harry has become a hot ticket. Chelsy may have to wait in line!