Monday, April 18, 2005

Wanted: Sovereign of the British Royal House

Job Type: Permanent Full time
Location: London, UK
Job Category: Executive
Industry: World Rulers
Company URL:
Experience: Nepotism
Number Of Positions: 1
Position Start Date: TBD
Salary: Civil List
Education: Honorary degrees an asset

The Opportunity

The British Royal Family has a long history and is one of most well known royal families in the world. The Royal Family's public role is based on identifying with every section of society, including minorities and special interest groups. The Firm is looking for a leader to head up their global operations. Must have a keen interest in people, strong customer service skills. With creativity, enthusiasm and energy your days are sure to be rewarded. Truly an amazing opportunity!

The Responsibilities

  • Acting as the United Kingdom's Head of State, Constitutional monarch, Head of the Commonwealth, Defender of the Faith, and ruling over Great Britain and Northern Ireland, the successful candidate will be capable of wearing many hats with ease.
  • Perform Investitures, bestow honours, various ceremonial duties and significant constitutional functions.
  • The sovereign acts as the focus for national unity, visiting local communities and representing Britain around the world.
  • While remaining politically impartial, formally appoints the prime minister and approves various legislation
  • Oversee the management of the private estates which are run on a commercial basis. Taking an active interest in all aspects of management.
  • Act as the 'fountain of honour'
  • Head of the Armed Forces. Must use discretion when declaring war and peace.
  • Working closely with the Prime Minister of the country, you will set the strategic direction and provide inspiring leadership.
  • Handle highly confidential and sensitive matters
  • Demonstrating your relationship building capability, you will be required to build international alliances and local strategic relationships, hence raising the profile of the country and commonwealth.
  • Inspiring the country to excel while simultaneously balancing varied duties.
  • Performance standards, including, but not limited to preparedness for any emergencies, crisises or other unexpected situations;
  • Sit for endless portraits
  • Allow image to be used for currency and stamps

Hours: 24/7 with 2 days off per year (Christmas and Easter).

Benefits: Dental, eyeglasses, vast properties, priceless jewels


  • Experience with utlizing the right to be consulted, to encourage, and the right to warn
  • Must like flowers
  • Demonstrated high level of personal values and ethics
  • Must be a people person
  • Ability to open hospitals, cut ribbons, review troops
  • Bilingualism an asset
  • Ability to ride a horse, side saddle preferred
  • Demonstrated skills in speech making and dealing with the media
  • Comfortable being in the public eye
  • Willingness to travel.
  • Advanced computer skills
  • Strong time management and organizational skills
  • Able to prioritize and multi-task
  • Adaptible to changing duties
  • Ability to work effectively in a fast paced environment

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We thank you for your interest. Due to the large volume of applicants, only those qualified for the position will be contacted.

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