Friday, April 08, 2005

Gifts for the couple who have everything

Okay, okay..I know what you're much more material can she milk out of the whole Charles and Camilla thing...just when you thought that I had exhausted it...well, you're wrong. Now that the wedding has been moved to Saturday instead of Friday it gives me one more day to consider what I will get them. As mentioned, I have not been invited to the wedding but I feel that it's polite to send a gift even if it's just to make them feel guilty.

Of course they have everything they could possibly ever want or need so finding the perfect gift is not as easy as one might think. Tradition would dictate that I buy them something like crystal. However I don't want the gift to be too heavy as I'm loathe to pay the postage for shipping because I don't like them that much. They haven't revealed where they're registered so I can't buy them a soup spoon to match the pattern they've chosen. As such I've decided to think of alternate gifts. Of course there's always the option of re-gifting something from my wedding. Like Charles and Camilla, I had a small wedding - 50 people including guests and obligatory relatives. Some of our gifts were monetary or gift cards - an easy out for those people who couldn't think of something to buy for us or off our registry. We received a few engraved items which guaranteed we couldn't obviously re-gift. A complicated wine opener which would take far longer to maneuver than our old one. This gift came with some coasters, handy for use on our plastic Ikea coffee table. But I digress...

Would the royal couple like some of these items? It would no doubt be a change from all of the more elaborate things. They have announced "No gifts" but do you really believe that? I'll take them at their word but there are many people who won't. I don't blame them the slightest, especially if you don't want them talking behind your back about what a cheapskate you are. They don't know me from a hole in the wall but Prince Harry is another story.

If you want to send good tidings here are some gift ideas for this special couple. These are also perfect for giving to one of the servants afterwards.

A Story Book Romance customized with your name and photo. As two real life star crossed lovers the Romeo and Julietwould be appropriate. Make sure to choose the "Happy Ending Version" otherwise this story could be quite a downer.

All newlyweds need some time alone so why not buy them a special love nest. For only $29.99 per acre it’s quite a deal and they can use it as a home away from home. They can escape from all the media attention and we won’t have to hear Charles grumble about the commute. However if they already have this gift it comes with a 30-day money back guarantee.

It’s well known that Charles cares about the environment so why not buy them his and hers global warming mugs. Just add hot water and he can write his next speech over tea. If you feel uncomfortable sending them the mugs alone, why not pair these up with some monogrammed toilet paper? As a bonus factor both of their names begin with a "C" you only need to buy one set. Unfortunately there are no refunds on this particular item.

With the amazing selection of these unique and affordable gifts the only problem you will have is choosing which one to buy. Happy Shopping!

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