Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Well played William and Catherine, well played

Dear William and Catherine,

I must say I am flattered. You have taken a page from my previous post offering you advice on how to quell criticism and released photos of your family. William, you provided an aside about Charlotte (step 3) and now you have released adorable photos of the four of you on a skiing trip.

Goodness! at this rate you will spoil us.

There will be critics of this approach. Sure, sure it shows you on a skiing trip at a luxury resort most can only dream about going to. Some would even accuse you of neglecting your duties, work schedule and question whether you really want to be...OH LOOK BABIES!!

Bringing the kids along was a smart move. It is also a wise move that you chose to go to a cold luxury locale. You wouldn't want to make the commoners jealous seeing you in a luxury tropical locale, now would we? May I suggest for your next PR photo that you feature some kittens, stray dogs, an endangered animal?  Even an elderly person will do. Always good to cover ALL bases.

You did show a lot of nerve releasing these photos after you returned from your jaunt. How dare you want to vacation in private? Sheesh, William don't you know that everything you do is of public interest? Going forward, please provide all of us with a detailed itinerary of your meal times, bathroom breaks and what you are wearing.

Back to the photos. In the absence of anything else to do, this BEGS to be overanalyzed. In no particular order.

Playing in the snow

There are two other photos in this series. One looks like you are dancing in the snow. (Hey, some like it cold. Who am I to judge?) The other one, you are standing together looking away from the camera. Possibly at your kids playing with the nanny? You did bring the nanny with you, didn't you?

It is this one that caught my eye because both of you look so happy and relaxed and has the potential for controversy. Catherine is wearing the same skiing outfit from previous ski trips (You know, the one where you missed the 10th anniversary of the Queen Mother and Princess Margaret's Memorial Service in 2012? Oh never mind). Anyways, you look like you enjoy each others company, at least during photo opportunities. However, Catherine is throwing snow at you. We could look upon this as a playful moment between the two of you. OR is Kate blinding you from the cost of her clothes bill? Safety experts could weigh in on the dangers of throwing snow. Oh the potential tabloid headlines!

William holding Charlotte

I have read some kvetching that you have never been photographed holding Charlotte. Not true, you held her in her car seat when you left the hospital with her. Isn't Charlotte just so adorable? Just like you once were! Adorbs! I smell a potential story about Charlotte's dental development too. Perfect for those slow news days.

The family of four

We've seen all four of you in Summer, Autumn and Winter. Now we just need a Spring photo.  All of you are looking at in the same direction. William, you must stop teaching George to look suspiciously at the cameras. Plenty of miserable looking people in your family already.

The family of four (again)

Seriously William? This pose is SO last Autumn!

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