Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Royal Book Challenge: Happy and Glorious! by Marion Crawford

Happy and glorious! by Marion Crawford
Published 1953
93 Pages

Nowadays, it is very rare for me to walk into a used bookstore and find a book about the royal family that I do not already own. So when I came upon Happy and Glorious! I was delighted. Having enjoyed Marion Crawford's previous publication The Little Princesses, I was thoroughly looking forward to reading this as well.

Marion Crawford was the Queen and Princess Margaret's governess for seventeen years. When she wrote The Little Princesses, the royal family saw this, understandably, as a betrayal. Having become a pariah, Crawford had nothing to lose by milking her royal connection. Not that she offers any dirty secrets. The appeal of Happy and Glorious! is that it is written by someone who holds affection for the Queen, offering a true insight into the character in a respectful, informative and insightful way.

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Rman said...

Well, The Queen was brought up in the old royal courts where the royal staff and workers were never to be seen or heard. So yeah, I guess you can understand the royals point of view on Marion's books. I think it was pretty brave of her to give the public a very nice view on her private connections with the young Princesses and Queen.

Now today, The Queen's personal dressers and even former staff have given interviews to the Telegraph and even the Daily Mail. They are even featured in royal documentaries. That old stuffy world The Queen was used to is now gone.

I think it's better when the staff let you in on what goes on behind the scenes and it's like working for The Queen and royal family. The family and palace are moving with the times.